The snake, fearless in the sun

Winding, step by slowest step,
under strong summer solstice sun
towards the center of the labyrinth I pray

to let go of the false face of arrogance
to let go of insecurity
(that mistaken modesty)
to let go of need to argue, dominate, compete
to let go of comparing mind

Grasses and flowers grow between the stones lining the path

Turning in the center
surrounded by crystals and sunlight
I pray to shed my skin like a snake

I step towards
honest confidence
true humility

Shaded under a floppy hat
I spiral back out in silence, timeless

At the opening to the labyrinth
a snake drapes across the altar
fearless in the sun
smelling with its fiery tongue

Nearby, outside the circle
a full snakeskin, even the eye-scale shed

May all be my teacher
May all be free


published in Green Living Journal, Fall 2013

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