Today a man prepares to start to walk,
who will join him?
Encircling earth, praying with feet:
feet kiss, feet love, feet touch, feet spring,
feet tingling with energy and heart loving all he sees
and he sees a world revolving toward peace!

The same vision received separately
by more of us all the time, and sharing confirms.

At the top of the world lives a tribal elder,
who sees the same vision:

A circle of walkers around the world
healing the people on it.
People finding place, by moving.
A peacemaking migration,
an artmaking pilgrimage,
carrying medicines to share.

Monks and nuns have been building pagodas
along a circle around the earth.
An artist builds earth sculptures along a circle.
What’s left of ancient pilgrims’ paths
trace pieces of the circle
under the Milky Way.

When will we make it whole?


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