The squirrel plants the nut
of the tree it most loves.
The human plants the corn.

The mouse stuffs milkweed tufts
into its nest and surrounds the seeds
with pee and turds.
The humans drill gas and fertilize the corn.

The tree drops leaves to nourish its own roots.
The spider makes a web of its own body.
The human makes a hybrid of the corn.

The finch grows a beak to crack seeds.
The human engineers the corn.

The eucalyptus poisons a circle around its trunk
so no other tree will grow.
The human turns its arsenal against all but corn.

The wasp makes a gall for its home.
The beetle eats the most tender bark.
The beaver fells whole trees.
The human makes a machine
to flatten the forest
and patents the tree.

Acid rains down.
The human begins to rouse.

The worm turns waste useful.
The human makes a new word.
The mushroom turns waste wondrous.
The word is biomimicry.
The mycorrhiza draws energy from the fir
and feeds it to the fir-shaded birch.


3 thoughts on “Mycorrhiza

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  2. Trees are wise beyond their years, and some have loved for centuries. They feel, they listen and they respond to outside influences. We would could help the planet if we listened to them.

    • I couldn’t agree more! Have you read The Hidden Life of Trees by Peter Wohlleben? I’m reading it now, and it anthropomorphizes a little too much for my taste, but explains the new science of these amazing complex abilities and relationships.

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