Seeking submissions of poems to Deep Times

Again, we welcome your submissions of poetry to Deep Times: A Journal of the Work that Reconnects on the themes evoked by Joanna Macy and colleagues’ Work That Reconnects:

  • gratitude for Earth and the ecological/social justice movement, The Great Turning,
  • honoring our pain for the world,
  • deep time (thinking like a mountain) or the Fourth Time (past, present, and future as one),
  • systems thinking (thinking like an ecosystem),
  • deep ecology (the wisdom of honoring all life as sacred circle)
  • paticca samuppada (mutual causality, dependent co-arising, or interbeing)
  • the shift in perception of flows vs. things,
  • our collective work to create new systems,
  • preserving the good and holding actions to stop destruction,
  • how we clarify our roles as agents of the Great Turning towards a life sustaining culture.

Preference will be to publish work or translations by practitioners of the Work, and for poems that would be appropriate to use in the deep ecology workshops.

Contact me at my two names as one word at hotmail about how to submit. Next deadline is Sept. 25, 2016.

Karina Lutz, poetry editor for Deep Times


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