Other writing clips


Some prose for the Great Turning:

Series of articles for EcoRI News on pioneers of sustainable health care in Rhode Island:

More for EcoRI News:

An introduction for the bestseller 50 Simple Things You Can Do to Save the Earth: infohouse.p2ric.org/ref/17/16313.pdf (introduction, p. 17-18, and information source for the book as a whole.)

Providence Journal op-eds, including one on Exxon RI utility deregulation co-authored by Jo Lee and later picked up by Common Dreams.

Sample advocacy writing: http://www.ripuc.org/eventsactions/docket/4288-PPL-Comments%281-7-13%29.pdf

Technical trade magazine on energy efficiency:

Nonprofit newsletter articles on oil heat energy efficiency and on how green power works: http://rhodeisland.massenergy.org/files/uploads/newsletter/RICurrents26-Fall2010.pdf

Nonprofit newsletter articles on energy efficient clothes washers and on climate change: http://www.ripower.org/files/uploads/news/currents_RI_winter_11_12-21-10_2.pdf