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Sometimes civil disobedience seeks no publicity

The Spring 2017 issue of Deep Times: A Journal of the Work That Reconnects is published. As in, open to the public. However, not all acts of resistance seek publicity. “Inside job” is one of those subtler disobediences.

The issue is here.

The poem is here.


Again you start with the bombs

You may not have my son
To fight your endless war.
You may not tax my funds
To bomb those who live so far
I don’t know them nor why
You would have them die.

You may not have my son.
I will not bear you one.
You would teach him how to spy
And make him love your guns.
I don’t know you nor why
You would have him kill and die.

I don’t believe your lies
You do not represent
The people who oppose
Our so-called government.
True, many fear to disclose,
they just grin and resent,
since our sons were taught to spy
And drones watch from the sky.

We the people do oppose
Your theft of daughters and sons
From us and those you say we fear.
I do not know them nor why
You would have them die.