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Chestnut, elm, maple

“Chestnut, elm, maple” published in a new journal dedicated to the Great Turning, Deep Times: http://journal.workthatreconnects.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/02/Deep-Times-Spring-2016.pdf

I am the poetry editor for the journal, and welcome your submissions of poetry on the themes evoked by the Work That Reconnects:

  • coming from gratitude,
  • honoring our pain for the world,
  • systems thinking,
  • deep time (thinking like a mountain) or the Fourth Time (past, present, and future as one),
  • deep ecology (the wisdom of honoring all life as sacred circle)
  • paticca samuppada (mutual causality, dependent co-arising, or interbeing)
  • perceptual paradigm shift,
  • our work to create new systems,
  • preserving the good and holding actions to stop destruction,
  • and how we clarify our roles as agents of the Great Turning towards a life sustaining culture.

Contact me at my name as one word at hotmail about how to submit.

(Please excuse the severity of the shortness of my parenthetical definitions!)

Here’s to a “true revolution of values” as per Dr. King!



“Corpse pose” and “Equally invisible”

The Bleeding Lion lit mag published two of Karina’s poems in its second issue: http://thebleedinglion.com/inaugural-issue-preview/issue-2/

“Corpse pose” is on pp. 54-5 and “Equally invisible” is on pp. 60-1.

Yogis will recognize savasana; followers of Joanna Macy’s work may sense how her ideas of deep time and nuclear guardianship informed “Equally invisible.”