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Sometimes civil disobedience seeks no publicity

The Spring 2017 issue of Deep Times: A Journal of the Work That Reconnects is published. As in, open to the public. However, not all acts of resistance seek publicity. “Inside job” is one of those subtler disobediences.

The issue is here.

The poem is here.


“Corpse pose” and “Equally invisible”

The Bleeding Lion lit mag published two of Karina’s poems in its second issue: http://thebleedinglion.com/inaugural-issue-preview/issue-2/

“Corpse pose” is on pp. 54-5 and “Equally invisible” is on pp. 60-1.

Yogis will recognize savasana; followers of Joanna Macy’s work may sense how her ideas of deep time and nuclear guardianship informed “Equally invisible.”